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tantra muse: Katie Silcox

Katie Silcox is the author of the New York Times best-selling book «Healthy, Happy, Sexy», the creator of Shakti School's online courses as well as the Lineage of Love subscription. According to the Origin magazine, she is one of the «70 yogis changing the world.»

In an interview with Your Om, Katie shared her view on the concept of ahimsa, named three favorite films and explained why internal resistance is a good sign.

I’ve travelled all over this wild world and done many adventureous things — but the craziest thing is to just wake up in the morning and be myself in a world that trains you to doubt yourself. Staying awake and believing in love in a world gone mad makes you seem crazy at times — but I am still here and in love with this life. 


Everyday I wake up early, scrape my tongue, make green tea and read a spiritually-inspiring book. I pray and meditate and list in my heart all my blessings. I usually take a walk or go to the gym or do yoga. I massage my breasts every day! I sing and dance almost every day, even for only a few minutes, and I go to bed early. 

Meaning — you must become what you want to attract. If you want more money, start feeling rich now. If you want more love, be more loving to your own wounded parts.


Comparing myself today and 5 years ago, I am way more grounded and sure of my own mission on this planet. Also I am more awake to the patriarchal nature of our limited world, and the infinite love-nature of our true essence. I think I am more relaxed into who I am. I have learned to trust my own heart and to dip into the pool of love that lives in my own body as my teacher. 


What do I do if my partner doesn’t have a passion for spiritual evolution? There are so many women waking to themselves on the planet right now. I have seen that the vast majority of women I know who are beautiful and awake and powerful may have a hard time finding someone who equals them in passion and evolution. It is not essential for your partner to share your ideas and beliefs and passions — it is only essential that your partner respect you! And be committed to their own evolution. 

In-betweenness is a fundamental condition of our times


— Homi Bhabha

I agree with this quote, in that in our world there can be a profound sense of disconnection and a loss of a sense of place — both culturally and geographically. With the advent of the Internet and the proliferation of information, we can no longer afford to rigidly identify with our own particular tribe or belief system. The future of humanity is inclusion and oneness — an inter-dependence that makes room for both tradition and evolution. The true wise woman understands her own cultural background, honoring her ancestry, and yet has the eagle-eye vision to see the grand unity of all beliefs that reflect the perennial and highest truth. 

I believe that any time you are truly in your creative flow and taking part in the creation of something new — any new art or venture — you will experience resistance. Resistance shows up as the voice that tells you that what you are doing sucks — has no merit — and no one will ever want to read what you've written! This is the voice of resistance. Resistance is a good sign that you are doing what you should. 


When I wrote «Healthy Happy Sexy», everyone told me I would never get it published. My own mind offered lots of resistance to it as well. I think women in particular are susceptible to the voice of «Who do you think you are to be so bold, to dare so greatly, to follow your passion?» Whenever I heard this voice, I would return to my heart and belly — to my deepest intuition that KNEW I needed to share and write. In the end if you are following Divine Guidance that higher guidance will erase all voices of doubt. 


I would literally imagine women all over the world curled up in bed with a tea and maybe a cat reading my book and being touched, perhaps, by the words. I wrote this book for those women — for you. 

Laughter is the softening serum on the fact that life is tough. There is no ancient wisdom that says we cant laugh - in fact, a great sign of a truly awakened being is a deep sense of humor, and the ability to laugh at ones own self!

Katie Silcox


Any system that has rigid rules is a form of violence. The word ahimsa actually means «non-harming». It doesnt mean «don't eat meat». It means do the smallest amount of damage on the planet. I have seen many people do damage to their own bodies with strict diets that did not suit their constitution. 


All beings, according to Ayurveda, have different needs at different times. We must also take into account the culture of where we live. My first Ayurveda teacher encouraged me to eat what my ancestors ate — as my body would recognize it. There is much harm done in dogma around food intake, and usually reflects a deeper need for control on those who are dogmatic. It is better for our world and our body to eat a little meat and be loving than to be a vegan who is a jerk. 



1. The book you are currently reading?


I’m usually reading 5 books at a time. But the standout book is «Woman as Healer» by Jeanne Achterberg.  

2. The film you would recommend to every girl and woman?


«Like Water for Chocolate», «Frida» and «Miss Representation».

3. What did you have for breakfast today?


Eggs with sauteed spinach in ghee with a green tea latte.

4. The universal beauty product that you use?


I'm obsessed with castor oil that is great for breasts, belly and I even put a drop in the eyes before bed for redness and dryness. 

5. A song stuck in your head recently?


«Loving You Was Easier» by Willie Nelson.

6. Spices that every Ayurveda goddess needs?


Turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, hing, black pepper, saffron.

7. A phrase that you tell yourself in difficult times?


I am always here for you. 

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Galina Golikova, journalist